Biker Barre from Afar Classes

We’ve got something for everybody!

Open Barre from Afar (60 min) The same barre workout you know and love from our in person studio days, except taught from the comfort (or clutter) of our own homes. You will still work out the core, arms, thighs, and glutes, the big difference is just that you will use a chair, back of the couch, wall, sturdy child for your balance. (Unless you have a ballet barre installed in your living room, in which case, we need to talk.) 

Quarantine Quickie (30-45 min) Tired of running for cardio? Your favorite bike instructors miss you, too. In these quarantine quickies, they will run you through a few HIIT circuits to get your heart rate thumping and your body sweaty. 

Arms & Abs (and Glutes and Thighs) (50 min) Join Susan B. for an arms and abs-focused workout. She’s a professional, so you won’t get out of her class without working your lower body the whole time, but the focus will be above the belt. This time… Suggested props:
– Weights or weight substitutes
– Elastic bands or substitutes (tights, stockings, leggings)
– Ball or block or roll of paper towels

Come as you are mini mini barre (20 min) Is your boss finally giving you 20 minutes of time to yourself? Or your kids are napping? Don’t even bother to put on a sports bra, just jump into this intense focus on two body areas, getting a quick barre blast before the rest of the day brings what it will. 

Yoga Barre from Afar (60 min) Love barre? Love power yoga? We merge the two practices together to bring you a sequence that focuses on strength and flexibility. Think: sun salutations but also, tuck tuck pulse. 

Yin from Afar (60 min) Yin Yoga is a few Quarantine Days offering for Biker Barre, a chance to stretch out those hips that are sore from sitting in a chair all day or the other ways we have changed our routine. In Yin, expect to hold postures for 2-3 or even 5 minutes to work on fascial release. This is a great practice for athletes. 

Barre from Afar: Breather (60 min) Just like in the studio, our from afar Breather class uses a traditional barre class as the foundation, but adds longer stretches between sets. A great way to break up your usual routine.

Barre from Afar: Bender (45 min) You asked for it, we added it: a class dedicated solely to stretching. Lower body, upper body, anywhere in between, we get at those places most impacted by our new stay-at-home lifestyles.