Biker Barre Classes

We’ve got something for everybody!

Bike: Ride

Ride is the signature Biker Barre cycling class. We ride to the rhythm, so get ready to bop. You can expect to work hard and leave deliriously happy. Hills, climbs, dancing. We do it all. There typically isn’t a dedicated weights section, but we’re known to throw one in once in a while. (If you crave weights all day everyday, try our Bike:Burn classes – coming soon!

Garage Bike Ride

Ever wanted to ride a stationary bike in a garage? Us either. But strange times call for strange solutions. This is our signature 45 minute Ride class in Biker Barre’s garage!  The teacher will stay on the bike the entire class and all bikes will be spaced out according to DC guidelines. We will provide all equipment, which will be cleaned and disinfected after every class. Towels will be available for rent.

Open Barre

Open Barre in the studio is back! It’s our signature barre class, and it’s the most fun thing ever. You will strengthen your entire body using tiny concentrated muscle contractions that you have to feel to believe. Set to music, you will work your core, your upper body, your thighs, and your glutes, all with an intense focus on form and movement precision. The movements may be small, but the impact is major. Do something awesome for yourself! It will put a smile on your face, we guarantee!

Mini Barre

Mini Barre in the studio is back! It’s Open Barre, shortened to 45 amazing minutes. Mini Barres move quickly and efficiently, so come ready to work! If you’ve never taken a class at Biker Barre, you might want to try Open Barre first, but we’re always happy to have everyone at any class.

HIIT the Barre

Barre with twist. Want some heart racing with your muscle toning? This class is for you! You will use bands and 2 sets of weights. This class combines low impact cardio bursts with barre and resistance moves.

Join Susan B. for an arms and abs-focused workout. She’s a professional, so you won’t get out of her class without working your lower body the whole time, but the focus will be above the belt. This time…